Feature: Pastoral Log

Pastoral Log

Recording and sharing of pastoral information attached directly to a student’s record

  • Reduce email/ensure Student Privacy

  • Log

  • Share

  • Request: Round Robin

  • Feeds into Safeguarding. Awareness of activity


A secure area linked to a student’s Pastoral Log to record confidential safeguarding information

  • Safeguarding Register

  • ‘One page’ summary

  • Share aspects with key workers

  • History, documents

  • Linked and powered via the Pastoral Log.

With Synergy, global emails containing alerts of personal information about students cease to exist. Instead, information is recorded and shared within the Pastoral Log module. This resolves issues surrounding GDPR and provides a clear chronology stored with a student record ensuring that nothing is missed.

The Pastoral Log can be used to record a log of parental phone calls, discussions with students or concerns relating to student well-being or progress. Information can be shared quickly with students’ class teachers or the ‘round robin’ feature can be used to request information from staff with their comments feeding directly into the Pastoral Log.

To support privacy, entries can be marked as confidential with access limited to key staff. For safeguarding, there is a linked secure area to record documents and logs feeding into the central safeguarding register.

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