Feature: Course Management and Class Work (VLE)

Course Management

A platform to manage a scheme of learning with plans and resources for each individual tutorial.

  • Drag and drop resources including files, web-links, video links, sound recordings, presentations

  • Separate teacher and student views

  • Shared with Teachers/Departments

  • Ready to be reused and improved year on year

Class Work

  • Fast to access and quick to use

  • Integrated within the ‘Class View’ alongside taking a register

  • Link a course/scheme of learning

  • Link pre-made tutorials to lessons

  • Share ‘ad hoc’ resources to students

  • Drag and Drop file management


  • Set homework for all or groups of students

  • Indicate online or manual submission

  • Uploading of work and web-links

  • Area for 1:1 student discussion

  • Mark work as handed in

  • Award behaviour and sanctions

Course Management and Class Work is the Synergy alternative to a traditional VLE.


The learning platform is integrated directly into the teacher ‘Class View’ and immediately accessible without configuration or setup. It provides an intuitive interface where you can share files, web-links, video links, notes and host discussions with students outside of the classroom.

Often with other VLEs, usage can be inconsistent. It may be used well by a few, a sparse repository for some and not used at all by others. As another system to log into, VLEs can easily become ‘out of sight, out of mind’, difficult to maintain, access and become redundant.

Although the module is flexible and can be used in a variety of ways, it has been designed to become a natural part of teaching and learning. The outline of an existing scheme of learning can be quickly transposed on to a new Synergy ‘Course’. For each tutorial, resources, files, weblinks, lesson plans and notes can be added to a student or teacher view respectively. Courses can be shared across a department to reduce workload and support transparency.

At the time of teaching, a lesson can be linked to a pre-made tutorial from a ‘Course’ bringing with it the lesson plan, resources, objectives and student view. Additional Ad hoc notes and materials can also be added for the current class. Using the Portal, students can access this rich resource mapped directly to their timetable providing structure and sequence to their independent study.

If enabled, students can submit homework online, discuss with their teacher and review feedback and marks.

Learning support departments and alternative provision units can directly access ‘Class Work’ work to manage additional support needs without requesting from each individual teacher. Absent students can view missed lessons to support their catch-up. Subject leaders can analyse which students have missed specific content, group them together and organise catch-up provision.

The Synergy approach aims to support teacher planning, reduce workload, and automatically power a rich learning platform simply by linking a planned course tutorial to a lesson.

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