Onboarding and Next Steps

Discussion on Systems Thinking
A copy of journal on "Technology Leadership and Systems Thinking in Schools"

Support and service are not an afterthought. We built the Partnership model from inception.


When you join School Synergy, you are introduced to your own ‘School Partner’. They are with you at each step from initial onboarding and roll out to everyday support, questions, and periodic reviews. They get to know your school, staff, and work with you to get the most out of Synergy to support school improvement.

Service included

Providing high quality responsive service is expensive which is why edtech companies usually charge for training and support. Many schools limit or forgo training due to cost and then struggle to make the most out of their investment. We see this as counterproductive. A finely tuned integration will have significant benefit and impact on all areas of the school community. Your School Partner will work hard to make this happen and nurture a long-lasting relationship and that is why training, service, and support are all included within the subscription cost.

Onboarding and roll out is supported by your School Synergy Partner at every step to ensure a seamless launch and transition.

Our experienced team are on hand to help plan, coordinate, present and provide training. With its intuitive interface, we have found that teaching staff are supportive and are quickly on board.

It is possible to roll out Synergy within a few days, however we find that implementing in 3 discreet stages over a period of weeks encourages time for reflection and supports change management.

What’s next?

Please contact us to book in a virtual SLT demonstration and discussion. With Synergy underpinning many different leadership responsibilities we find that a full complement of SLT provides a rewarding and comprehensive discussion.

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