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Synergy is a comprehensive system that redefines communication and information sharing. It is intuitive and packed with modules and features that simplify and improve all aspects of school life. However, it is more than a system. We offer a partnership; delivered by a thoughtful and talented team who each embrace our culture of “Doing the right thing, making a difference”.

After years of leading on global IT projects I was looking for an opportunity to give back to the community. I volunteered at a school and soon became a Governor which whetted my appetite for working within education. I made the leap from industry and qualified as secondary IT teacher to work at the ‘chalkface’.

Coming from industry into education, I was frustrated to find the numerous systems used in school and many of them clunky and slow; a world apart from industry where efficiency and results demand high expectations of systems. Why were there so many systems? Why do they not talk to each other? Why can’t I find the information I need quickly? It was here that the Synergy seed was planted.

Coming from industry into education, I was frustrated to find many substandard, clunky and disparate systems used in school; a world apart from industry where efficiency and results drive very high expectations of systems.

Alan Cree, School Synergy

Not an add-on

Synergy was built with the ‘end in mind’. It couldn’t be another add-on system, another homework system or another behaviour management system. It had to be complete and in tune with SIMS. It had to be the only system that teachers needed to use.

It needed to reduce teacher workload; a quick way to take a register, add behaviour and set homework. It needed to feed all this back to those who needed it in real time. It had to be simple, fast and intuitive.

Our partnership

Support and service are not an afterthought. We built the Partnership model from inception. Support and service is provided through your own ‘Synergy Partner’ who helps plan the implementation, coordinates training and continues to meet regularly for reviews and CPD. This partnership works both ways. It brings together the best of our service and development with experts in school to ensure that Synergy is always improving.


Our schools tell us that Synergy saves on direct costs and more through efficiencies, it improves parental communication and engagement, it is embraced by staff and it supports staff well-being.

I hope the website provides a flavour of Synergy along with the insights from a few of our schools who have kindly taken the time out of their busy schedules to share their experiences of working with School Synergy. Please do get in touch to organise a demonstration and discussion at your school.

Alan Cree, School Synergy
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