We're pricing School Synergy to be affordable. We don't believe that pricing should be based upon what a school can afford. Instead, we're pricing at the lowest possible which supports the growth and development of School Synergy.

Removing the need for other disparate systems provides a good annual saving. However, costs are also saved with staff productivity. Streamlining administration tasks and automating other areas is where School Synergy provides this often hidden but greater cost saving.

Outstanding support - our knowledgeable, friendly team are always available by phone or email Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm

Affordable pricing - per school, regardless of size or number of students on roll

No installation, set-up or support fees

Flexible payments - annually or Direct Debit (text message costs are billed quarterly)

How Much Does School Synergy Cost?

School Synergy is priced at just £360 per month for access to our complete package. Our pricing is regularly under review in order that we can offer outstanding support, a great solution but at a cost that is affordable.

Our schools tell us that replacing just two of their obsolete systems pays for the complete Synergy system.

Arrange a Demonstration

To arrange a demonstration or to find out more, call for a chat on 01772 36 76 30 or send us an email and we'll be in touch.

See how you can do the right thing and make a difference in your school.

For every 5 schools that join School Synergy we estimate that savings from other subscriptions alone fund an experienced teacher in the education system.