School Websites

A strong presence online is essential for schools to effectively engage with parents and students and to provide the information that is required of them by OFSTED. We specialise in providing the right solutions that are capable of performing well, both in terms of being found through relevant searches and being engaging and accessible to users.

Precisely because so much information is required to be included online, school websites have become quite large and difficult to navigate. For this reason, Cooke & Cree create sites for schools that present clear and easy navigation routes for different users to follow. New users and potential new students and parents can follow a presentation route providing all the vital information and imagery needed to market the school well. Existing students and parents are directed to another area with its own dedicated navigation that presents all the information that they need day to day.

When fully integrated with the powerful School Synergy system, very personalised information about student development can be presented securely to parents, together with vital highly targeted school communications.

Cooke & Cree create flexible content managed sites that are simple to administer and easy to add to, allowing expansion and development to match the needs, aspirations and growth of the schools that we work with. With our modular expansion capability and with bespoke programming, we can provide the right solution.

Our websites are designed to adapt to different browser formats and different devices so that they work as well on a phone or a tablet as on a PC and users get the maximum in accessibility and interactivity.