School Partner

We want your school to get the most out of School Synergy. We want to see it being used consistently and to its full potential. We want Synergy to make a real difference in your school community. We help with that.

Your school will have a key Synergy School Partner who will get to know your school and work with staff to ensure continuity of support and training. They will deliver training, guidance and support. They will also introduce other Synergy specialists when needed.

• Work with SLT to plan a roll out schedule
• Configure modules with designated leads
• Provide whole school introduction and training

Periodic Review/Audit 
• Review school usage and consistency
• Identify training or support needs
• Demonstration of recent additions and new modules
• Develop action plans and help to implement 

• Regular school visits
• Email/Phone: Quick advice, guidance
• Introductions and networking with other schools
• Sharing of best practice
• Offer challenge to school procedures

Getting the most out of your School Partner

Your School Partner will be available by email, phone or in person. There is no charge for support, training or meetings – so get in touch.


Once Synergy has been rolled out and is being used regularly, your School Partner will conduct an audit and compile an Action Plan for review in school. This will be discussed at a meeting in school with key members of staff, with recommendations and benefits fully explained.

Connect schools together

We hope to host a number of informal networking events throughout 2019/2020, getting school staff who use Synergy together and share best practice. We hope that these free events will help connect staff who work in similar roles.

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Great support for schools, parents and students is at the heart of School Synergy